• Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo®? For Jon, the answer was always yes.

    Emma Hinds, soon to be Emma Greenaway, was given her now fiancée’s Last Rolo® as her first Valentine’s Day gift together. Over five years later, Jon has proposed and they are set to be married on 27thApril this year.


    Jon and Emma first met whilst working for ‘The Pais Project’, a Christian schools and youth work charity based in Manchester. They first bonded over a mutual love of the West Wing, and after an evening of Chinese food and sharing secrets they realized that both wanted to stay in touch despite the fact they were living and working in different cities. She was in Sheffield, he was in Manchester.


    The couple have been together since their first date in Meadowhall in October 2007, which was surprisingly romantic. However, it first became obvious that they were both thinking long term when Emma told Jon on Bonfire Night that she would be taking her university place in Scotland and he gave up a job opportunity in Manchester and started applying to Scottish universities. Within a year they were both living and studying in Scotland.


    Emma reminisces about their first Valentine’s Day “it was a bit of a non-event to be honest, we were both on a training week for work and didn't have much time to spend together. However, on the way back from Morrisons Jon managed to find a moment to go down on one knee and present me with his LastRolo®. A scary, funny, and romantic moment all at once!” As a nod to their first Valentine’s Day, Emma & Jon have chosen to have mini packets of Rolo® sweetson the ‘sweetie bar’ for their guests to indulge in.


    “The my lastRolo® story is one that I really enjoy telling people, and putting in a sweetie bar just seemed like a really fun way of incorporating them into our wedding. Jon grew up just twenty minutes away from Swizzels Matlow Sweet Factory, so its part of our plan to try and get as many of the Swizzels classics in our sweetie bar too, to add a touch of the North, and obviously some Love Hearts!”

    In addition to the Rolo® treats, the My Last Rolo© team at CW Sellors have donated a sterling silver Last Rolo as a wedding gift to the pair to ensure their love for each other, and of course for Rolo®, lives on forever. Made to the exact size of its chocolate equivalent this precious metal replica is the perfect token of love to keep for ever, which Emma is gifting to Jon as a wedding present and has had engraved with “14.02.2009 E&J” – the date Jon first gave Emma his last Rolo®.